Our Three Most Popular Off-Road Light Bars

We get asked a lot of questions about light bars, and customers often wonder which LED light bar is best for their vehicle. This blog was designed to help our customers better understand the differences between the various light bars we offer, what a Cree light bar really is, and which of our three most popular light bars we would recommend to you based on your needs. 

What Is A Cree LED Light Bar?

If you have done any amount of online shopping for your first light bar, you have likely seen the word “Cree” come up before. So what is a Cree light bar, and what makes it better than any other kind of LED light bar? 

Cree is simply a company in North Carolina that manufactures the highest-quality LED lights on the market. They are used in all kinds of different lighting products, and should immediately narrow down your light bar search. Cree LEDs have the longest lifetime out of any LED light, lasting upwards of 100,000 hours, and have an extremely minute luminosity drop off during that lifetime. Cree LEDs require metal-core circuit boards and adequate heat sinks in any type of light bar product, as well as proper air flow to allow for the LEDs to perform in their highest capacity. Even if you are certain that a light bar manufacturer is using Cree LEDs in their products, it is important to make sure that the rest of the specs line up in quality and durability. 

Our Top 3

We understand that there is a wide range of both quality and price when it comes to purchasing a new light bar. If you are concerned about your nighttime road safety, either on the highway or in off-road applications, each of the light bars outlined below are sure to exceed your expectations. 

Some of the most important factors to look at in a new light bar are the lumen output, color temperature, beam pattern, and power draw. Most light bars will fall between 6,500 and 24,000 lumens, which can be a big difference. For color temperature, you will typically want a light bar around 6,000 kelvin, as that is where you will find the best natural white light for most applications. The best light bars are those that feature a spot/flood combo that is adaptable for any kind of off-road situation. Each of the three light bars below offer that feature. 

Affordability - Race Series Light Bar

Most of the time, you will find that a light bar that costs any less than $100 will take a significant drop in quality. This is not the case with our race series light bar. According to our customers, the race series light bar is “hella bright,” which is due to the fact that it can produce up to 30,000 lumens. If you do any form of night time driving at high speeds, this light bar is a no -brainer. And at this price point, you will not have to worry about sacrificing quality. The build is great at keeping water out, and they are extremely easy to install on any Toyota, Jeep, buggie, or even minivan. 

For Tight Spaces - Dual Slim Series Light Bar 

Slim light bars have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They maintain a low profile and look great on any part of a vehicle, whether that be on the hood, bumper, roof, or even attached to a roof rack on the side of a vehicle. With sizes ranging from 14” all the way up to 50”, you can find the measurement that perfectly fits your vehicle. Click the link to view further specs of each individual model. 

Highest Performance - Chase Series Light Bar

For the off-road enthusiasts looking for the most customizable, complete package light bar, our Chase Series is the answer. This light bar features an array of different colors, and customers have the option to choose between a blue center light, white center light, and green center light. The light bar can be wired to function as a brake light, turn signal, or headlight. Many of our off-road ambassadors have chosen to use this model because it allows for the greatest visibility amongst other drivers when out on the trail, no matter the natural light conditions. 

What Sets All Terrain Concepts Apart? 

Whenever you purchase an LED light bar from ATC, you can rest assured that it will be covered by a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong with the performance of your lights, we want to ensure that it gets fixed as soon as possible. If you have any other questions about our products, feel free to contact us today! We look forward to helping you find your new favorite light bar.