We are what you want in a company, a fun, high quality, hard working, positive, reasonably priced, fearlessly sexy, extreme, honest, innovative, and new age technology based company that provides kick ass LED lights to those who like to take the road less traveled! Whether you’re racing competitively off-road, hitting the trails, or just trying to stand out from your followers/friends, we are a supportive company and community that will give you exactly what you need to shed some light on your life (pun intended)!

Our lights have gone through years of research and development; they have been tried, tested, and abused in the worst of conditions and environments from around the world. We have provided our lights to racers competing in the King of the Hammers, Baja 500 and other nationally recognized races. We continuously provide enthusiasts with the best projected LED light so they can traverse through whatever environment is placed in front of them whether it’s the Rubicon trail, Rausch Creek, Moab or even off the grid in Alaska! Unlike many of our competitors we believe in having the highest quality while providing affordable lights that you can trust! Plus all our lights come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


We are looking for long-term brand ambassadors that are able to influence, represent and recommend our brand/product to consumers within your social networks, status, following and connections.

We are looking for individuals who have a strong presence within their off-road community, club, and especially, within their online social media outlets. The more variety and experience you have with various promoting on social media outlets the better. Examples of this include videos, reviews, quality photography, articles, etc., while using your own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogs/vlogs, twitter etc. Engagement and interaction is critical on social media and we will check in with the quality of your posts (including shares, likes, comments and views).


As a brand ambassador you are representing the company wherever you go. With this you will be representing our product on your project vehicle and advertising/promoting with the help of some stickers/banners etc.. We expect that you are familiar and have a good understanding of our products. It is also important to make sure that you are holding yourself to the highest standards and making sure that you are not ever representing ATC in a negative light. Wheel legal, tread lightly and respect others, it’s that simple.

Standards for Social Media
Being a part of the ATC family, tagging each other, using personal hashtags, sharing, and creating posts that help represent and highlight each other.

You will be expected to engage with our posts, tag others, and share. Also don’t forget to send us all your pictures and videos to be featured!

We also expect that you will post on social media outlets at the very least 2x/week.


Upon getting selected for our brand ambassador program you will be given 1 hat, 1 t-shirt, 3 decals, a banner (upon request), 35% off of first purchase, 20% off all feature purchases, a shout out/feature on our page, you will be given the silver level ambassadors promo code of 15% off and you will be added to our exclusive brand ambassador Facebook page and community.

Ambassadors who provide the highest quality videos, picture content while also producing traffic and sales and engagement to our media outlets and website will be promoted to our Gold Level ambassadors level (after every 3 month review) and will receive 40% off of their next purchase, 25% all future purchases, and 20% off promo code and will get, in addition to getting some additional swag and will be selected as an admin to help run the exclusive brand ambassador page & community on Facebook.

*Being demoted can also occur if standards/expectations are not met. At the end of every year each brand ambassador will be reviewed based on generated sales, created social media content/exposure & generally how active you are with promoting ATC.